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  • Blanche


    Blanche is an OOAK customised Blythe doll.

    Her name comes from French and it means 'pure' or 'white', which goes well with her pure and peaceful expression.


    All usual customisations done, including:
    * sleep eyes with two pull charms

    * all sealed with MSC UV 
    * Two pairs of AmaFlickerDoll, one pair of Puppelina, one pair Yumi Camui eye chips

    * Base doll is Takara Blythe Disco Boogie (EBL)
    * New body Obitsu, small chest
    * Alpaca scalp done in weft method (flexible, waterproof and extra durable glue used) ombré dyed in mint/pale teal shades on the ends, styled and trimmed into a gently 'messy-but-sweet' hair style with fringe

    * Signed and dated on the back plate
    * Included: doll, stand, dress and butterfly teddy helmet as on photo, socks, shoes, plus some extras. 


    LAYAWAY is available, please message me for details.


    Please email me questions through the website or directly to:


    *Shipping is free from UK.
    *Returns not accepted.
    *UK is no longer an EU member.


    Thank you!

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