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  • Luna



    - limited amount of dolls available 


    Luna is a ball jointed doll cast in resin with wings and antennae, attached with magnets.

    The doll and the fantasy parts glow in the dark. 


    *Luna blank* option includes a blank doll with a set of mint green wings and antennae and a pair of eyes (blue or emerald, randomly chosen). 


    *Luna painted* option includes a doll with a face-up as on photos, a set of mint green wings and antennae and a pair of eyes - random colour (blue or emerald, randomly chosen). 


    Not included: outfits, wigs, shoes.



    Height: 16.5 cm

    Eyes: 6 mm

    Head circumference: 14.5 cm (5-6" wig usually works well)

    Outfit size (Etsy or Ebay): similar to 'pukifee' or 'lati yellow' dolls


    Shipping is calculated at check-out based on your location. If you purchase more than 1 doll, the companion(s) will have free shipping.


    If you would like to learn more about the story behind Luna, check out my blog here. For larger size photos, see my Flickr gallery here.

    Any questions, please message me.


    Thank you!

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