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  • Natasha


    Natasha is a customised OOAK doll.


    She has an Obitsu 22 S body with two extra sets of hands.
    The base doll I used was an original Takara Blythe SBL,

    Natasha Moore.


    All eye chips are new, 1x mine, 1 x YumiCamui, 2 x AmaFlicker; two separate pulls with charms for sleep eyes, new eye lashes.


    Natasha has her beautiful original scalp, washed and gently trimmed (fringe and a bit from the ends). 


    Both - faceplate and backplate are sealed with a UV resistant resin sealant.

    Signed with a little blue tattoo of Natasha's avatar on the backplate. 


    Natasha will come with her stand, her original outfit, another original Blythe stock outfit (burgundy red coat and pink skirt),  butterfly teddy helmet and a few more clothing presents. 


    LAYAWAY is available - reservation payment is needed - to reserve the doll.


    Please email me questions through the website or directly to:


    Shipping is free, shipping from the UK.
    Returns are not accepted.
    UK is not an EU member, any import taxes/fees are buyers responsibility.


    Thank you!

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