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  • Indigo


    I N D I G O


    Meet Indigo, a tiny thumbelina girl with a beautiful blue hair.


    She is a customised Petite Blythe Asian Butterfly, with original hair and body and a new pair of realistic eyes.


    Link to her video is here.


    Link to larger photos, my flickr gallery, is here.


    Customisations done:

    * realistic carving of lips and nose

    * natural-style face painting sealed with MSC UV sealant

    * hair is original and partially customised (fringe trimmed and pony tails ironed to straight long hair)

    * new pair of realistic eyes, they are attached with the same putty as for BJD dolls - so you can reposition them if you wish (after opening the backplate), however if you prefer the eyes to be fixed into one position, do let me know and I can glue them for you


    She will come with the outfit I made for her, as you can see on photos - fuchsia and navy butterfly top, pink and white stripy leggins, pinkish-purple hat with black panda ears.


    Any questions, please message me.

    Thank you!


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