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    Z I A


    One of a kind, customised Little Keiko doll with Obitsu 22S body.



    * realistic pastel face painting
    * glued eye lashes 

    * all sealed with MSC UV 

    * beautiful realistic blue eyes by LKD
    * lips, teeth and lower eye lid glossed
    * Obitsu S22 body with extra pairs of hands

    * Little Keiko Doll *Iris* base doll (resin head)
    * Custom made wig for Iris head with hard cap, holds perfectly tight without glue or magnets, made with custom dyed mohair - main colour is pastel pink (on photos it appears more rich, it is a soft shade of baby pink hue in reality)

    * Eyes are attached with putty for BJD dolls - they can be positioned differently or changed for a differnt pair (after opening the head cap - attached with strong magnets, under the wig)

    * Signed and dated on the back plate
    * Included: doll with face-up and LKD eyes, wig, full set outfit from photos - white and pink dress, white alpaca wool cardigan, sky blue butterfly head-band, socks, sandals.


    Any questions, message me via the website or directly to:


    *Shipping is free from UK
    *Returns not acce


    Thank you!


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      Z I A

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